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Florence: the best city you can visit

Today, many tourists choose a cruise for their holidays. It's a great way to spend your time, in a all-included sailing resort. A cruise in the Mediterranean sea is one of the best way to relax, to enjoy your holidays and to visit different places in just one vacation. From Spain to France, from Italy to Greece, passing from Africa, you will always land in fabulous ports, having the chance to see different cultures and cities. But, sometimes, it could be rough. On the ship, you can relax, go shopping, drink an eat at the restaurants of the ship, go to the casino, have fun in the disco and the staff is always ready to satisfy your needs.

But, what to do when the ship stop in the port? You agree that despite of all the information and all the maps you can bring with you, if you have just a little time, it could be difficult to plan a good tour to see comfortably a place. Of course, the staff can suggest you some tours or can tell you to go visiting the place by yourself; but we all know that sometimes is quite complicated to get to all the points of interest. So, why do not start planning your upcoming trip in an alternative way? Book your private shore excursion, choosing among different kinds of trips and tours, and get to the best destinations, points of interests and tourists attractions of the place you are landing on. For instance, if your ship stops in Livorno you can book a private excursion to Florence. Florence has many wonderful places and a particular historical centre. Among all, the city has one of the most important Italian Art Museum: the Uffizi that is located in Piazza della Signoria and it is connected by a bridge with Palazzo Vecchio.

Indeed, a wonderful view. The whole Museum has more than 40 rooms that contain mainly masterpieces of the XIV and XV centuries, as well as roman sculptures, and frescoes. Other highlights in Florence are the Romanesque church of Santa Croce and the incredible cathedral of the city, the one of Santa Maria del Fiore. Book online your private shore excursion to Florence. You can fully customize your tour, depending on the time you are going to stop in the port. The English-speaking guide will pick you up at the port of Livorno and will take you back to the ship when the tour ends. Moreover, you can choose among different tours, depending of the time you can spend visiting the place and your needs: but surely, you will find a great tour that can satisfy your requirements as all the trips are structured thinking in a variety of situations based on the available time and of the different needs, and trying to offer to tourists a complete and satisfactory view of the city and a good stay.

Plan in advance your trip, from the ship to the city, Papillon Service will take care of you and you will get the opportunity to live a gorgeous experience in one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. is a free blog about rentals, REGISTRATI GRATUITAMENTE!

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