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Pompei: an UNESCO World Heritage Site

A cruise in the Mediterranean sea is one of the best way to relax, to enjoy your holidays and to visit different places in just one vacation. But at the end of the holiday many tourists said that they were not able to see all the places they wanted to see due to some logistic problems. That happens because if you are on a cruise, the staff takes care of all the details of your stay, but once you are on land, ready to spend your free time visiting the new cities where the ship docks, you can waste much of your time between souvenir shops and the shifting between the historical points of interest.

Also if you have a map or the guide book it would be complicated because of the language, the change and the distance between the attractions. If you have the opportunity to visit many cities in just one trip you must use all your time properly. For this reason, Papillon Service offers private shore excursion for all tourists interested in visiting the cities and the historical attractions near the port without wasting time. Because, despite of all the information and all the maps you can bring with you, if you have just a little time, it could be difficult to plan a good tour to see comfortably a place.

So, start planning your upcoming trip with an alternative tool. Book your private shore excursion, choosing among different kinds of trips and tours, and get to the best destinations, points of interests and tourists attractions of the place you are landing on. If the port of arrivals is Naples, book a private shore excursion to Pompeii. You will experience life as it was in the past, walking through the street of the city destroyed when the volcano Vesuvius erupted and froze in fire an lava its inhabitants and all the structures. This is a really interesting place: you will need at least a couple of hours to see the whole complex. But do not worry!

The driver can help you to get a local guide, if you did not book it previously. If you have enough time, in the same tour, you can go to the other archeological site, Herculaneum. Today those excavations are considered to be two of the few sites where ancient cities have been preserved in detail with all the jars, the paintings, the artifacts and even people and that is the reason why this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you want to see more, because you have more time to spend in this area, you can choose among different tours, such as the one to Sorrento, the one to Capri or customize a trip including a visit to Naples, too, that is a beautiful city rich of all sort of historical and cultural places: we are sure you will find a great tour that can satisfy your requirements as all the trips are structured thinking in a variety of situations based on the available time and of the different needs, and trying to offer to tourists a complete and satisfactory view of the city and a good stay.

Plan in advance your trip, from the ship to the city, Papillon Service will take care of you and you will get the opportunity to live a gorgeous experience in one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. is a free blog about rentals, REGISTRATI GRATUITAMENTE!

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