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Greece by Sailing
Greece by Sailing

Cruising Greece with Plenis Velis

Touring the Dodecanese and Cyclades Archipelago

The unexpected journey is now available thanks to Greece by Sailing, the Italian company now based in Greece: its 14,2 m charter Plenis Velis can host up to 8 passengers who wish to visit the Cyclades and the Dodecanese Archipelago.

These archipelagos are rich in history, but especially in pleasant beaches, nightlife and culture; they enjoy mild and ventilated summer temperatures thanks to the Meltemi, a wind resulting from the union of high and low pressure.

Plenis Velis, guided by skipper Jacopo, who has achieved the qualification of deck officer mate, is a very spacious sailboat: three double cabins provided with plugs to recharge the cellphones; a single cabin with bunk beds, two bathroom cabins with hot water and a little kitchen corner with two burners and oven, where it is possible to prepare delicious fish-based dishes. In the middle of the common space there is a large table where guests can think, write or share a laugh with their travel mates. It will be possible to keep a daily travel journal, where you can write down all the feelings and impressions experienced every day during this wonderful holiday.

Leaving from Saturday to Saturday, June till beginning of October (that is during the best months), Plenis Velis offers to its guests aboard a wide choice of entertainment; of course our young and experienced skipper Jacopo is more than pleased to show you around the Aegean sea and to suggest the “must-see” locations – which are really a lot! Our suggestion is therefore to carry with you some typical, summer equipment such as fins and masks.

A further suggestion about Greece sailing is to organize the mini-cruise, lasting one week, with your closest, dearest friends, with whom you can choose an itinerary lasting seven or fourteen unforgettable days. It is in fact fundamental to agree upon the most important aspects of a holiday, such as the kitty, or the sightseeing tour, to share space and time in the best possible way. There are so many things to experience on these islands during those months, including feasts and religious celebrations: the Dodecanese, closer to Asia Minor than to Greece, is a group of islands offering a wide range of emotions. The celebrations in June are dedicated to the sea and its cult and involve every inhabited island, whether big or small. Kos, the sailing port of the charter, hosts on 22nd August the celebrations in honor of Hippocrates, the Greek doctor who was born on the island centuries ago.

Greece sailing with Grecia in Vela represents the perfect journey for everyone who loves adventure, the thrill, the nightlife and comfort: it is the right combination of the Greek sea and the warm, white beaches matching the wonderful, typical Greek houses.
The warm Greek temperatures, the absence of rainfalls and the beauty of the Dodecanese will make your journey look like a dream. is a free blog about rentals, REGISTRATI GRATUITAMENTE!

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