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Le Macie
Le Macie

When in Tuscany, do like Tuscans…but book an Agriturismo in the countryside of Tuscany!

Tuscany is a great place to stay when on holiday and in case you’re interested in getting in touch with the Nature (yes the one with a Capitol letter) why not choosing a great agriturismo in the Chianti region?

Here’s the recipe: some nice hills, a great apartment in Tuscany right in the Chianti and some time to spend going after a great nature, wine-tastings and exploring this not-so-savage nature.
Le Macie, for example, is an agriturismo in Tuscany and a farm producing Chianti DOCG wine, and extra virgin olive oil and organic honey. It is situated on a hill looking down to the valley from where you’ll have a unique panorama of the Chianti area and of the skyline of the city of Siena.

Finding the right accommodation in Tuscany means you already have decided quite well what you’re going to do during the whole stay, so that you won’t have to drive for hours to reach the places you want to visit during your holiday.
But, some places are better than others. In case you’re interested both in visiting Siena and the surroundings of this great city of the past and taste it through the greatness of its flavors, finding a place which is near to both of them, may be more comfortable.
If, on the other hand, you’d like to be half tourist half Tuscan citizen you may want to get lost for a while in the way of life of a place distant from your own home, and just do like real Tuscans do. So, maybe a simple for the real Sienese have a walk on Saturday evening inside the walls and get together with friends in Piazza Del Campo, for a beer, a glass of wine or a tasty aperitivo is something very common. You’ll see the corso (Via Banchi di Sopra) full of people just there chatting.

But, staying in the city is not as comfortable as staying in a nice accommodation in the countryside near Siena: no traffic jam, no finding parking at night, yet the nice lullaby of the Nature.
The place where you’ll stay is an essential part of the holiday. Ok, you’ll have to visit the cities around you, you’re in Tuscany to discover a new place, but discovering is not just running up and down hills, towers and so on, is also, talking, getting in touch with people, listening to stories and the sounds of a place. is a free blog about rentals, REGISTRATI GRATUITAMENTE!

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