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Giampaolo Lo Conte
Giampaolo Lo Conte

Business and high society: Giampaolo Lo Conte at the Royal Ascot 2016

British-traditions-lovers definitely know the annual equestrian event at the Royal Ascot, which takes place every year in the month of June at the Windsor Great Park Racecourse, near London. The show was first created in 1711 and it consists of a five-day horse racing with horses competing in groups in order to win the millionaire final jackpot. The stands of Windsor Great Park gather thousands of spectators, mostly regular frequenters of the royal social scene, as well as horse-races fans. Indeed, the most popular jockeys of the world join the fray in front of the Queen to be crowned champion of the annual edition of the Royal Ascot.

Though it does not have a considerable media coverage in Italy (as horseshows in general), in the UK the Royal Ascot is a real not-to-be-missed event for national traditions lovers. Great personalities from the world of politics, business, sports and entertainment, gather on the bleachers of the Royal Ascot, where it is strictly forbidden not to stick to the dress code, which requires top hat, black shoes and formal dress with vest or tie for men, whereas women should all wear headpieces with a solid base of at least 10 centimeters. Sometimes fashion competitions about who wears the most beautiful hat rise among the attendees. The paparazzi, in this sense, get what they need to dabble.

This year, among the personalities of the Italian business world attending the Royal Ascot, there was Giampaolo Lo Conte, trader and enterpreneur living between Europe and the United States, especially between Rome, Paris, London and New York. "I was here also last year! Actually, I have been attending the Royal Ascot for several years, it is now for me just about a mandatory holiday - Giampaolo Lo Conte told us, as we reached him online to ask a few questions. "Compared to last year, there is a different atmosphere. And guess why? Because of Brexit. The earthquake brought by this withdrawal from the European Union is not just a financial one, unfortunately the community of entrepreneurs lives now at attention and holds many delays on their commercial and financial operations".

Call me a romantic - continues Giampaolo Lo Conte – but I think the same as Albert Einstein: in crisis lie great opportunities. Brexit is the enormous demonstration of a form of political, financial as well as social crisis. Those who will be able to catch the opportunities coming from this crisis will gain benefits for themselves, for their business and also for the citizens of both the European Union and Great Britain itself". is a free blog about rentals, REGISTRATI GRATUITAMENTE!

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