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All you need to know about the: Contestís Wix for Search Engine Optimization

Wix today is a platform you could be utilized to see web sites or your personal blog, Wix is a website that is created for the SEO heroes? We don’t know but your intention are to plan a big buttle against of Search Engine Optimization of all around the globe.

If you believe you can reast everyone behind you and are an SEO expert, go to subscribe in the SEO HERO Contest and you are able to in order to attempt of becoming an SEO hero in the quest!!!

What's Wix framework for SEO? How will you enter in this particular context ?

Now we're helping you out with telling you can enter the competition, this can be the chief rule: You need to develop a web site in the English language on any platform the subject of the site must give attention to the SEO optimize the website with the key word “SEO hero”

The first in SERP ( one getting the best rank ) in the internet search engine will function as the victor of the competition as well as of $50,000 that are paid by wix !!!

The actual rules set to be followed by the folks ?

That is the certain rules determined by the coordinators to make certain that the competition:

• Open an account with Google name you are going to submit on or after 16 November 2016.

Why should you take part in the contest?

In the event you're considering yourself to be an SEO HERO and is not in a position to demonstrate it for any reason, this contest will give you a large chance to the competition and also to function as the first in the very top of the record of SEO Heroes.

This Wix contest is today, all you have to show your own skills!!! is a free blog about rentals, REGISTRATI GRATUITAMENTE!

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