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Villas in Tuscany
Villas in Tuscany

Villas in Tuscany

Italy is one the most beautiful country in the world, the country is known for its history and monuments, a new trend is also to sleep in the houses of the eighteenth century. If you decide to seep in a villa you will better enjoy a country rich in history such as Italy. The most beautiful regione in Italy is Tuscany, a region very rich in villas, but if you prefer to stay in a classic hotel we suggest you the list of Enjoy Tuscany and all it has to offer - art and culture in abundance, beautiful countryside, delicious food and wonderful wine, staying at this well appointed villa. Just one in a series of high quality self-catering holiday villas and hotels.

Discover one of the finest regions in Italy: the Apuan Alps within a short distance from the sea, endless beaches, a hinterland rich in visible traces of mediaeval history and the world-wide famous white marble of Carrara. The mildness of the climate all year long makes it possible to enjoy this part of Tuscany in any season. Along the coast of Cinque Terre, of the Gulf of Poets, of Versilia and of the Etruscan coast you can breath a Holiday "air" all the year around Surrounded by such historical towns as Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Parma, this area offers you the highest concentration of works of art in the world. With all of the interest surrounding the various aspects of Tuscany it is no wonder to find thousands of sites on the Web that regard the various faces of Tuscany: tourist guides, accommodation possibilities, its businesses and products. is a free blog about rentals, REGISTRATI GRATUITAMENTE!

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