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Breckenridge Vacation Rentals
Breckenridge Vacation Rentals

Breckenridge Vacation Rentals: More Than Just Skiing

When most people think of Breckenridge, Colorado, they immediately think of skiing or snowboarding. For many travelers from around the world, the primary reason to consider Breckenridge is for the opportunity to hit the slopes and enjoy some of the world's best skiing resorts. However, skiing is not all that the area has to offer. Those who want to enjoy Breckenridge in the winter or even the summer have plenty of additional options to consider.

Shopping in Breckenridge
For shopping enthusiasts who are staying in Breckenridge, it really doesn't matter what season it is because great deals are found throughout the year. Just 15 minutes from most of the vacation rentals in the area are the Silverthorne Outlets, which boast an array of shops selling everything from clothing to home furnishings and even electronics. There are also a number of galleries and souvenir shops in the Breckenridge city center where visitors can pick up art or mementos from their trip.

Winter Recreation Activities
Most of the tourists who come to Breckenridge during the winter months want to ski, but that doesn't mean that travelers don't have plenty of other options. Snowboarding is an alternative that many people enjoy, and snowshoeing can also be a fun way to explore the great outdoors without the joint pain or fitness level required for downhill skiing. Travelers will also be able to enjoy activities like ice fishing, taking sleigh rides in the snow and ice skating both indoors and outdoors.

Summer Recreation Activities
Although much of the snow on the slopes of Breckenridge is melted away by the time summer rolls around, that doesn't mean that the area is not home to a number of wonderful outdoor activities. Rather than skiing down the slopes, it is possible to hike up them, which is a fun and challenging way to see the scenery. Other great ways to stay active and enjoy the warm summer weather in Breckenridge include fishing, golfing, cycling, riding horses, rock climbing, playing tennis or even rafting along the river.

Dining and Culture in Breckenridge
No vacation would be complete without incredible cuisine and plenty of fun nightlife, and Breckenridge certainly does not disappoint. Visitors can enjoy gourmet cuisine from around the globe, or they can simply kick back at a casual eatery with a refreshing drink. There are also a handful of bars, pubs, art galleries and clubs to hang out and enjoy an evening with friends.

Getting Breckenridge vacation rentals make sense for travelers who want to enjoy the incredible scenery of Colorado. Whether visitors ski or not, they are bound to make memories while enjoying their trip.

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